Srivastava vs USC EE + World (Game 4 in Play)

Match Result: Srivastava (3) vs USC EE + World (0)

I am playing against everyone. Everyone suggests moves for Black (in odd games) or White (in even games). Originally planned for those in the Electrical Engineering Building at USC. Now open to any untitled chess player. You can suggest moves by either:

Game 4: Srivastava vs USC EE+World


(1) Anyone can enter suggestions for EE+World's move. 

(2) The move with the highest frequency will be played. 

(3) If the first two suggestions are not identical, at least three suggestions need to be entered for EE+World's 

(4) If there are three or more suggestions, voting may stop (I will make a move). 

(5) At most seven suggestions are allowed per move for EE+World. 

(6) If multiple moves have the highest frequency, I can select any of those as EE+World's move. 

(7) No discussion of moves allowed for writing suggestions. 

(8) No engine analysis allowed by either Black or White. 

Past Games

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Game 2: USC EE+World (0) vs Srivastava (1)

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